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5 Core Components for Successful App Development

5 Core Components for Successful App Development In the process of drafting an app development roadmap, a lot of teams usually focus on planning for rapid user monetization and acquisition, and on hiring the right programmers. But app development teams should also include other points on their checklist. These components of app development include: #1 A Growth Hacking Strategy In app development, growth hacking is the art of incorporating a growth mechanism in the app during the app development phase. A major example of this app development component is in Gmail’s accounts that were invitation only. It is important to have a social virility mechanic for your app development effort therefore ensure that there is at least one person in the app development team that has a good knowledge of A/B testing. #2 An Enjoyable, Intuitive and Functional UI It is said that the interface of a product is a joke and if it needs explaining, then it is not good. All app development professionals know this t…