5 Core Components for Successful App Development

5 Core Components for Successful App Development
In the process of drafting an app development roadmap, a lot of teams usually focus on planning for rapid user monetization and acquisition, and on hiring the right programmers. But app development teams should also include other points on their checklist. These components of app development include:
A Growth Hacking Strategy
In app development, growth hacking is the art of incorporating a growth mechanism in the app during the app development phase. A major example of this app development component is in Gmail’s accounts that were invitation only.
It is important to have a social virility mechanic for your app development effort therefore ensure that there is at least one person in the app development team that has a good knowledge of A/B testing.
An Enjoyable, Intuitive and Functional UI
It is said that the interface of a product is a joke and if it needs explaining, then it is not good. All app development professionals know this to be true. However, it is dangerously easy for dysfunctional UIs to be overlooked during the app development phase and it is even more so if it is a familiar product.
For this stage of app development, ensure that your feedback comes from trusted people who are, preferably, non-techy, who will be sure to give you a honest feedback. This aids your app development process.
Audience Insight
Audience insight is important in app development. The more of it you get, the better for you. Questions like ‘Who will be using the Product, or what need does the product address’ are vital to the app development process. Bring in a third party to sit in on meetings for the app development and integrate the feedback.
Non-Programming Team Members
It is important for every app development team to have members with varying perspectives. Make sure that there is at least one person on the app development team whose specialty is in a field that is not programming or coding. This improves the kind of insight you get.
A Shared Vision
Ensure that the app development team is on the same page. Make sure that they have shared goals and objectives. It is important that team members love the product and believe in the company’s mission.
What now?
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